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Virtual Landscape Design

Experience Your New Living Space without a Single Rock being moved.

Bellus Terra’s landscape design services allows us to help you dream, plan and visualize your landscape design plan before we even set one shovel in your outdoor space. We can help you design your patios, outdoor fireplaces, pool waterfalls and water features, and so much more. Once we sit down with you to find out what you want in an outdoor living space we build a digital walk-through that helps to ensure that we have your dream properly executed in our landscape design plan.
Create Your Landscape Design
Get started with the design of your new outdoor living space through our unique design process at Bellus Terra.
We Talk
The very first step in your landscape design is to talk.  We help you to discover exactly what it is you want in your outdoor living space.
We Walk
Once we have had a chance to talk about your landscape design, we walk your space; talking about your dream familiarizing ourselves with the land.
We Design
Only after we have talked through your dream, and walked your space do we begin to design; and now it's time to bring your dream to life!