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Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Installation

Looking to add some warmth and coziness to your backyard? Look no further than Bellus Terra! Our team specializes in outdoor fireplace installations, making us the top choice for Wake Forest and Raleigh residents. From roasting marshmallows with the family to enjoying a glass of wine under the stars, an outdoor fireplace adds both charm and functionality to any home.

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We install mood building outdoor fire pits and fireplaces in the Wake Forest and Raleigh areas.

Transform your outdoor space with a fireplace or fire pit while adding warmth and coziness that will have you wanting to stay outside!

Transform the ambiance of your outdoor living space with Bellus Terra’s expert installation of stunning outdoor fireplaces in Wake Forest and Raleigh. Elevate your home’s style while enjoying cozy evenings under the stars, knowing that our team has got you covered with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Trust us to bring warmth, comfort, and beauty to your backyard gatherings – let’s create something extraordinary together!
outdoor fireplace installed in Raleigh by Bellus Terra

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces require specific materials that are able to withstand high temperatures, as well as proper design in order o prevent fire hazards. Therefore, knowledge of construction, safety codes and materials is vitally important for a successful project. Bellus Terra can help your Raleigh outdoor fireplace dream come to reality.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire pits are a great way to get some warmth into your outdoor living spaces. We can custom design and install a fire pit that will complement your Raleigh-Durham landscape surroundings. Whether you choose to have a stone, brick or concrete fire pit; Bellus Terra is here to help you with your fire Pit project.

Create memories with friends and family over a custom outdoor fire pit.

Enjoy your outdoor spaces more with a custom designed stone or masonry fire pit by Bellus Terra. We help you design and then install an outdoor living space to enjoy for years to come.

Why install an outdoor fire pit or fireplace by Bellus Terra?

  1. Enhanced Outdoor Ambiance: You can instantly create a cozy and inviting outdoor ambience in your backyard with a stone or masonry fire pit, perfect for gatherings and relaxation. Your outdoor space will be enhanced by the warm glow of the fire and the natural textures of the stone, which add a rustic appeal to it.

  2. Versatile Entertainment Space: With a stone or masonry fire pit in your backyard, you can host memorable social gatherings year-round, providing you with a versatile entertainment area. It becomes a functional centerpiece that enhances the enjoyment of outdoor activities, whether you’re roasting marshmallows with friends, having intimate conversations on cooler evenings, or even cooking out in it.

  3. Increased Property Value: Adding a stone or masonry fire pit to your property can significantly increase its value. A well-designed fire pit adds to the overall desirability of your home, making it stand out in the real estate market. It serves as an attractive feature for potential buyers, making your backyard more attractive and adding a luxurious touch.
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Interested in cooking over a fire pit?
If you are interested in getting started in cooking over a fire pit? Bellus Terra is a dealer for BREEOS and we also recommend this site!