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Outdoor Kitchens

Bellus Terra is a leading provider of outdoor kitchen installations in the Wake Forest and Raleigh NC areas. With years of experience, we offer custom design solutions that cater to your specific needs and budget.

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We install small prep kitchens to outdoor chef kitchens in the Wake Forest and Raleigh areas.

Create a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen to combine the love of the outdoors and the enjoyment of a great meal.

At Bellus Terra, we take pride in our exceptional outdoor kitchen installation services that allow you to enjoy the ultimate cooking experience while basking in nature. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to helping you design and install a custom-made outdoor kitchen that perfectly suits your needs and preferences. We understand the importance of creating functional spaces where you can create delicious meals while entertaining guests or enjoying quality time with your family. From countertop options to grill sizes, we pay attention to every detail when it comes to designing and installing outdoor kitchens. With our years of experience in the industry, we guarantee that every aspect of your dream outdoor kitchen will be brought together seamlessly for an unforgettable culinary adventure under the open skies.

Whether it's with gas or wood, we have the setup for you.

Bellus Terra offers all types of kitchen setups from commercial grade gas grills to Kamado Joe Grills using charcoal or wood.
A Few Outdoor Kitchen Ideas:
  1. Basic Built-In Grill Station: This type features a built-in grill as the primary cooking element. It often includes a small counter space for food preparation and minimal storage.

  2. Outdoor Bar: An outdoor bar is an excellent choice for those who enjoy entertaining and serving beverages. It typically includes a counter with bar stools, a sink, refrigeration for drinks, storage for glasses and supplies, and may even have a built-in kegerator or wine cooler.

  3. BBQ Island: BBQ islands are larger and more elaborate than basic grill stations. They typically consist of a built-in grill, additional cooking appliances like burners or smokers, ample counter space, storage cabinets, and sometimes a sink or refrigerator.

  4. Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion: A kitchen pavilion is a covered outdoor structure that creates a dedicated space for cooking and entertaining. It may include various kitchen appliances, seating areas, countertops, lighting, and sometimes a fireplace or overhead heating elements.

  5. Customized Outdoor Kitchen: A customized outdoor kitchen is designed and built to meet specific requirements and preferences. It incorporates unique features, layouts, and materials based on the individual’s needs and the available space.

Outdoor Kitchen Layout Examples by Bellus Terra

outdoor kitchen layout design - straight island version
Straight Island Outdoor Kitchen
Straight outdoor grill stations or islands are perfect for small spaces. They can be built on patio’s perimeter or along an existing exterior wall. You can also add a detached, parallel bar or refreshment station.
L-Shaped Bar-Island outdoor kitchen layout
L-Shaped Bar-Island Outdoor Kitchen
L-Shape outdoor kitchen/bar-islands, similar to a Straight island can work well in small to medium size spaces and can be located on perimeter of a patio. L-Shape layouts are a great way to add convenient prep and bar space.
U-shaped outdoor kitchen Layout
U-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen
U-Shape outdoor kitchens are the ultimate in prepping, cooking and entertaining outside. A U-Shape requires a medium to large space. The U-Shape also offers convenience of all appliances, utilities and components in one place.

Check out our Bellus Terra Outdoor Kitchen Design Brochure for inspiration and ideas.

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