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Outdoor Kitchens

If you are in the market for an outdoor kitchen in the Raleigh-Durham market (or all across NC) Bellus Terra is your one-stop-shop for custom outdoor kitchen installations. We will help you design your outdoor kitchen to fit your living space and entertaining goals.

Change your outdoor living space into a kitchen

Bellus Terra works with high-end manufacturers in the outdoor living market to make building your outdoor kitchen simply effortless. We have created a unique line of modular outdoor kitchen cabinets to help maximize your outdoor living space. These cabinets are made to fit our line of stainless steel grills and outdoor kitchen accessories which can then be finished with our own natural stone or reclaimed stone veneer.
Raleigh Outdoor Kitchens

Bellus Terra Outdoor Kitchens


Bellus Terra’s outdoor kitchen system allows for unlimited custom designs so your kitchen will be unique to your yard. You choose your layout, style, appliances, colors, countertop, and more for the perfect kitchen.

Quality & Affordability

With Bellus Terra’s unique building process and materials we are able to offer you a kitchen that will stand the test of time while being more affordable than traditional materials.

Fast Installation

Bellus Terra’s outdoor kitchen system was designed with the homeowner in mind. Our building process creates virtually no disruption to your home and kitchens can be completed in as little as two days.

Straight Island

Straight outdoor grill stations or islands are perfect for small spaces. They can be built on patio’s perimeter or along an existing exterior wall. You can also add a detached, parallel bar or refreshment station .
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L-Shaped Bar-Island

L-Shape outdoor kitchen/bar-islands, similar to a Straight island can work well in small to medium size spaces and can be located on perimeter of a patio. L-Shape layouts are a great way to add convenient prep and bar space.
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U-Shaped Kitchen

U-Shape outdoor kitchens are the ultimate in prepping, cooking and entertaining outside. A U-Shape requires a medium to large space. The U-Shape also offers convenience of all appliances, utilities and components in one place. 
Bellus Terra's Outdoor Kitchens

Book of Designs

Looking for some design ideas? Download our Outdoor Kitchen Book of Designs that features ClifRock Installation ideas. Our installations and designs also feature Coyote Outdoor Grills.
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