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Backyard Water Features and waterfalls

Backyard streams, waterfalls and other water features help to create not only visible ambience but auditory ambience as well. Adding a water feature to your Wake Forest or Raleigh outdoor space can completely change your backyard into an oasis.

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We create beautiful outdoor waterfalls and water features in the Raleigh and Wake Forest NC areas.

Completely transform your outdoor space with a beautiful stream or waterfall from Bellus Terra.

​Bellus Terra is an Raleigh outdoor contractor that designs and installs beautiful low-maintenance streams, and waterfalls, that look like they were created by nature over hundreds of years. For our clients that desire to hear that relaxing sound of moving water without the look or space of a pond, we also design and build naturalistic pondless backyard waterfalls and other custom disappearing fountainscapes. Nature’s beauty. Your backyard is our is our mission to instill beauty, wonder, and intrigue of the natural waterways around Raleigh-Durham right in your backyard. We are driven to bring some of that peace and tranquility into the daily lives of our clients.
backyard waterfall installed in Raleigh NC by Bellus Terra

Backyard Waterfalls

A backyard waterfall adds beauty, drama, and sound to your outdoor space. Bellus Terra is a Raleigh-Durham based outdoor design build contractor that provides Raleigh backyard waterfalls to fit any size space and any budget. Call Bellus Terra to get started with your new waterfall.
backyard stream in wake forest nc installed by Bellus Terra

Backyard Streams

Backyard streams, and disappearing streams immediately add the tranquil sounds of nature right to your outdoor space. We offer all custom designs to fit your space and budget. If you plan to add a backyard stream, or pondless waterfall in Raleigh-Durham call Bellus Terra.
Dry Stream Beds
Another type of water feature that can be installed by Bellus Terra is a dry stream bed. Unlike other water features, a dry stream bed does not involve flowing water but rather creates the illusion of a natural riverbed. It consists of carefully arranged stones and pebbles that mimic the meandering path of a stream. This feature can add a touch of tranquility and visual interest to gardens and landscapes. The dry stream bed can be complemented with strategically placed plants, such as ornamental grasses or flowering shrubs, to enhance the natural aesthetic. With its low-maintenance nature and ability to withstand different weather conditions, a dry stream bed offers an attractive and practical addition to outdoor spaces.
dry stream bed by Bellus Terra